Modified pulling system Molchanovs
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The pulling system lets you quickly release and lift rope as soon as you need it. Modified version! Much easier, much faster and much more comfortable.

Size: W : 32 cm H : 84 cm L : 285 cm
Weight: 200 g

For what is it?

You will be able quickly and easily release and lift a rope along which you dive.

How does it work? (watch the video instruction)

  • Before a training starts you should pull a rope through a pulling system.
  • For releasing a rope it is enough just to press the opposite side of the pulling system.
  • For lifting a rope you need just put your leg on a carabiner and pull the rope.


What is the difference with the pulling system of the previous model?


We have removed several screws from the construction of the pulling system to make it easier in use. Now for setting up the pulling system on a buoy it is enough just to open a lock on its top, put a rope into the pulling system and close a lock. That’s all!


Why do we think that the pulling system Mochanovs is necessary freediving equipment?

  • It simplifies work with equipment (reduce amount of actions).
  • It increases safety level (the speed of lifting a rope is up to 1 m/sec).
  • It lets concentrate on the most important thing – on freediving.

Note: the pulling system is suitable for 8-12 mm rope


wash off salt after the use and keep it away from direct sunlight and open fire.