Light weight monofin bag
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This monofin bag is made of strong but light tourist fabric oxford 600, and stitched with the reinforced thread. All freediving equipment, except weights, can be easily carried on your back.  It occupies minimum space when folded.

Weight: 460 g

The reasonable and practical freediver treats his equipment with a gentle care. Especially, when the issue concerns expensive monofin. Special light protective monofin bag prevents from undesirable attritions and scratches, protects your monofin from direct sunlight and with two back straps allows you hands-free hike to your favorite diving place.

The main advantage of this bag is its light weight which allows to take it with you on travels, and attractive tight fit. Sturdy fabric oxford 600 and reinforced thread make this bag strong enough to carry your monofins and the rest of your gear (monofin, wetsuit, mask, lanyard, swimming trunks/bathing suit, gloves, socks, camera, etc.). 

Full feature list: 
  • light weight
  • spacious enough for monofin and the rest of the gear, including wetsuit, but no weights
  • sewn with reinforced thread
  • two backstraps for hands-free carrying
  • protection for your monofin
fabric – oxford 600