HP-Carbon Blades
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HP-Carbon blades are the heart of “the deepest” bifins in the world. Excellent 100% carbon fibers and superb manufacturing process result in very thin, light and responsive blades that offer outstanding thrust for diving to depths of over 100 meters. Currently the blades are optimized with foot pockets by Imersion and Pathos, and our customized foot pockets to bend smoothly during swimming. So we advise you to use appropriate foot pockets for the blade to enjoy the best results.

Size: W : 185 mm H : 1 mm L : 760 mm
Weight: 390 g

Careful selection of materials, innovative production, and thorough testing by world class freedivers and spearfishers lead to the Molchanovs fins by Proteus. The thoughtfully designed mechanical characteristics of the blades provide ideal interaction of the fins with water and provide extreme propulsion during each push. There are three blades’ stiffness profiles for different strength, and carbon inserts for foot pockets to make the comfortable Imersion foot pocket sturdier. Carbon fins Molchanovs offer excellent value for freediving, swimming and spearfishing.

760 mm long blades created from aerospace carbon fabrics and carefully designed manufacturing process result in fins that are comparable to monofin's performance. The shark skin texture at the bottom of the blade reduces light's reflection and improves fins' performance. Rough shark skin creates micro turbulences, which we now explain. Turbulences are flow with much greater fluid speed than the speed of the object relative to the fluid. By the laws of hydrodynamics greater fluid speed means lower pressure. Abdominal muscles are stronger than back muscles: so by producing turbulences on the back of the fins and thus reducing the pressure, the shark skin is "assisting" back muscles in smooth motion.

A smooth top is the result of the vacuum process only. These fins produce sufficient propulsion to swim down and return from depths of over 100 meters (330 feet), as world champion Alexey Molchanov proved with a 105 m dive at the Big Blue Mexico competition in 2015. That makes Molchanovs the first bifins in the world with an officially recorded depth of over 100 meters.

The blades come in either soft, medium or hard stiffness and are created for the optimal performance with the particular foot pocket as tested by professionals in underwater activities. We advise you to use currently available foot pockets and we'll assist choosing the correct foot pocket for you. Based on customer feedback, we may expand the line to include new foot pockets, but if it is urgent, custom designs are available.


Current foot pocket producers for which Molchanovs offers optimized blades:

Imersion have softer and more comfortable foot pockets that allow you to spend hours in the water. Carbon shoe inserts by Molchanovs are available to harden the soles which improves the fins response.

Pathos have sturdier yet very light foot pockets and is popular among spearfishers. The combination of Pathos foot pockets and Molchanovs blades present one of the lightest carbon fins in the world.


Bifins provide better maneuverability than monofin and they are an ideal choice for spearfishing and recreational diving around the reefs. Along with these activities, bifins are very useful for underwater photo or video filming, while coaching or providing safety to freedivers, etc.

We offer a 2- year limited warranty on the blades. Each pair of blades has a unique serial number. 

Deepest dive in the BiFins, 105 meters

Full feature list: 
  • The blades for the first bifins in the world that reached 100 m depth CWT,
  • Among the lightest 100% carbon blades in the world,
  • Efficient and powerful thrust
  • 100% high performance carbon
  • Marked with a serial number to avoid mismatch and provide better quality control
  • Lovely design with painted tip
  • Non-reflecting shark skin bottom is less disturbing for the fish
  • The choice of many world class underwater sportsmen and sportswomen
  • 2-year limited warranty
blades – 100% high quality carbon
rails - rubber
inserts (for Imersion foot pockets only) – 100% carbon

The blades are made to withstand strong underwater moves in any direction and consequently provide powerful thrust. However don’t walk with the fins on rough rocks; don’t drop heavy solid objects, such as cameras with underwater gear, weights, etc. – the blade could crack or break. We suggest washing off salt and keeping the fins away from the strong sun and heat.