Deep Week, Dahab, Egypt
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Full immersion. From 15 to 21 October 2017 from evening to morning deep processes (in direct and figurative sense of these words) are taking place in Dahab. We offer you the coolest training program, personal trainings, personal consultations with the freediver record-holder. Email your applications to


New extended training program.


·      Course of deep freediving (1-4 class);

·      Personal consultations;

·      Personally-made training program for any levels (from beginners to professional athlets).

You will learn tips for perfect diving techniques (we may proudly say that Alexey Molchanov really has an absolutely impeccable diving technique). You will understand how prepare for an immersion to dive deeply without any stress. You will dive deeply, beautifully, easily.

During the course you get:

·      exercises for easier equalizing sinuses on a depth;

·      a set of exercises for mastering your way of diving;

·      personal training plan for a depth diving.

You are highly recommended to make in advanced and send us a list of issues those you have met during your diving practice.

At the end of the course each participant gets a certificate of definite level which depends on shown results. For the certificate it is required to pass a theoretical exam and exercises in water (apnea, diving in depth with fins and diving in depth without fins). 

With whom?

The course is conducted by a multiple world-champion and records-holder in freediving, leading instructor of Russian Freediving Federation Aleksey Molchanov. Molchanov is a co-founder and the president of Russian Freediving Federation, the first man in Russia and the seventh man in the world who managed to dive into the depth more than 100 m. on one breath hold. During the course Alexey Molchanov is assisted by Alexander Bobryshev, instructor of Russian Freediving Federation.


From 15 to 21 October 2017.

Arriving is a day before the course begins (on Saturday); departure is on the next day after the course end (on Sunday).


Egypt, Sinai Peninsula, Dahab.

If only once you have been in Dahab, you don’t need any explanations. If you have never been there, you just can be envied, because you are waited by awesome adventure.

Dahab is dive mecca. This description is already a platitude, but there are no another words to describe this place more precisely. In Dahab there are significant depths (20-40 m.) right near the beach and famous Blue Hole (about 90 m in depth) in several minutes by taxi. So, those natural facilities create perfect conditions for immersion. Moreover, there is a wonderful possibility to descent along a line to coral reefs and enjoy rich and fantastic underwater world of the Gulf of Aquba with its colorful fish, sea turtles, sea eels and others exotic creatures. In addition, Dahab can offer various and rather affordable accommodation (from camping to luxury hotels) and well-organized facilities for diving (from transfer to the place of diving to possibility to rent diving equipment). Endless sun, bright smiles of locals and unique chance to immerse into authentic life of Bedouins without leaving yourself comfort zone.

The process of acclimation will pass softly, if you come to Egypt a few days before the course. Also, you may stay on sunny beaches after the course ending and enrich your vacation with others beautiful impressions.

Why our course is the best? Because we offer you:

·      a personal approach: the training program will be chosen according your level;

·      yoga and breathing exercises as an important part of course;

·      the most powerful depth training;

·      the instructor who is current world champion and records-holder with 8 years’ experience in teaching;

·      the most intensive course: trainings are taking place during whole day, from morning to evening.

The price for one week training is 490 euro.

The payment should be made in the first day of the course during the registration.

Email your application to

The time to conquer the depth!