Brand "molchanovs" was born in 2010 with an idea to produce equipment with the best expertise on the market available - by Molchanovs family.

Natalia Molchanova and her son, Alexey Molchanov, both successful world champions and record holders established Molchanovs.

Molchanovs brand is the result of a joint ongoing research program. The aim, from the beginning till today, is to create the highest quality equipment that meet the standard of perfection for the very best freedivers in the world. The best need highly efficient equipment with which one can save energy for some extra depth or distance, and this is what all freedivers and spearfishers look for.

Nowadays Molchanovs is well known in the freediving world and it is a choice of big number of sportsmen around the world. The company is growing and becoming the leader in freediving industry.

"Equipment by freedivers, for freedivers"